The most important organization of the decade

Writing a prediction of the impact of Zuzalu, mostly for posterity.

I believe Zuzalu will become the most important organization of the decade. It is a new type of social organization, with a unique status hierarchy that is divorced from the external world. The identity of you as a 'Zuzalan' often supercedes external identity markers. In some ways it is analogous to festivals like burning man, where status is awarded according to an art car your camp builds or an event that your camp hosts, that have distinct social hierarchies.

What is unique about Zuzalu is their ability to leverage this new status hierarchy and identity markers towards social change. In 2024 you will have hundreds, in 2025, thousands, of Zuzalans who will converge in a single location. They will be smart, capable, and aligned, acting in a decentralized manner towards impact. This impact will include things like changing laws, building local communities, and spreading culture.

Critical to success is local integration. Zuzalu cannot be hordes of Americans and Europeans descending on small, poorer countries to have a good time. It has to be deeply reflective of local values, culture, and needs. Only then is it possible to get the local buy in necessary for sustained change.

The local change will primarily focus on creating growth ecosystems, bringing the best talent from the region and beyond to solve location specific challenges. In Zanzibar, for example, this could include improving special economic zones, tax policy, crypto regulations, longevity regulations, and more. 

The memetic potential of Zuzalu is hard to overstate. It is a new form of social organization. As wins rack up on the ground relating to tech, governance, and community, people will be drawn to understand Zuzalu and mimic its unique culture and social organization. 

It is hard to think of comparable memetic influence. One is religion, e.g. The spread of Christianity. Another is tech culture that became ubiquitous in the 2010s. A third is the revolutions in the late 18th and early 19th century as industrialization overturned existing social orders. Zuzalu can have an impact on that scale.

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